[XST] StealthCoin

[XST] StealthCoin

StealthCoin XST

James USA

Driver's License, LinkedIn, & Video Chat




StealthCoin [XST] is lead by a developer named James (USA). James has been face verified by his State Driver’s License, personal LinkedIn profile, and via video chat. James has also submitted his personal email, Facebook, cell phone number, and Twitter account. James has also submitted identity verification with a notarized document.

James is not a programmer by profession but has 20 years of coding background in a professional setting as well as mainly doing scientific computing now. James has stated that he has authored dozens of scientific software packages from medium sized to small mostly in python and has several utilities and countless “jiffies”. James also has a personal Github with many of his open source projects.

James is the lead developer of EBT, but did not create coin, only took it over as a gateway to Crypto. James has also stated that he has contributed to BladeCoin and done some consulting for many other coins. No one has access to StealthSend aside from James and the developer of SSD (Russel) who has also done a Proof of Developer Analysis. James has also has placed a link to my donate page on his personal website for verification that he is the site owner.

James can be best contacted through email at thestealthcoin@gmail.com or on Twitter: @stealthcoin. James and I have been in contact over email, Skype, text message and video chat on August 17th over Skype.  James has also provided a hand written note with two identifications. There has been no face-to-face contact with James. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Stealthcoin [XST] the highest rating of 5 Plus+ PODs has been given.


  1. With all respect for your good work Chris, I am sorry, but only a first name “James’ and your contact with James is not enough for a qualification as a POD. POD is when everybody knows the full name of a developer and can google a name and find out his/her bio and other references etc. Therefore, who is James, what is his full name? There is too much cheating and lying in crypto just to rely on your personal verification, without giving the full name.

    • BTW, I have a bag of Stealthcoin, so I am not Fudding. I believe in complete transparency. Good examples of full transparency: XC, LTC, DRK.

      • Jeroen,

        I totally understand your stance on the transparency, but I hold the developers information confidential as a third-party representation of them. You are not wrong in believing in complete transparency, but you will either have to be satisfied or dissatisfied with our Proof of Developer Analysis. Thank you for your concerns and comments.

        • Chris, again I appreciate your POD work. It is a step in the good direction and for the moment I will take your qualifications of POD serious. Can you give me some reasons why it is better that you keep your information confidential? You think a Developer needs protection?

      • Obviously you are not an stealthcoin investor, Jeroen.
        But probably should be an investor of any other competitor currency that has no POD.
        Please stop with your childish FUD and demand more from the devs of coin who you decided invest your money.

        • I have a small 25k bag of XST.
          My remark is not ment as FUD for XST. I truly hope they will keep up the good work and innovations.
          The more transparency of who is working in the team of a coin, the better. It is good for the coin and good for the crypto community. It is better if a developer takes full responsability and doesn’t hide. I/we invest with real money.

          • It’s pretty easy to track down the identities of the devs on these pages in most cases. The point of not revealing too much here is to lower the profile, not eliminate it. If it takes a little work to find the developer, then it gives the developer some privacy. In fact, the stealth dev has never been “anonymous”. Since stealth first cam out you could identify him in about 2 minutes with just a little work.


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