[XGR] GoldReserve

[XGR] GoldReserve

GoldReserve XGR

Zoltán Hungary


Driver's License, Facebook, & Skype




GoldReserve [XGR] is lead by a developer named Zoltán (Hungary).  Zoltán has been face verified by his Driver’s License, Facebook, and Skype accounts.  Zoltán has also been added to Google Plus.  Zoltán has also submitted his personal email address, and cell phone number.  Zoltán submitted a hand written letter with his Driver’s License.

Zoltán is the lead dev for the coin but has had help from others in building the code for the coin.  He has stated that it is well coded and has not had any problems since.

This is Zoltán’s only created coin and he is the only one that has access to the GitHub repository.  Crypto is not a full-time endeavor as Zoltán has another source of revenue.

Zoltán can be best contacted through the IRC channel GoldReserve, Facebook www.facebook.com/GoldReserve, or Twitter.  Zoltán and I have been in contact mainly over his personal email address.  There has been no face-to-face contact with Zoltán.  With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of GoldReserve [XGR] the following rating of 4 PODs has been given.


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