[WSX] WeAreSatoshi

[WSX] WeAreSatoshi

WeAreSatoshi WSX


Social Media Accounts & Driver License




Update September 8th

WeAreSatoshi [WSX] is lead by a team of developers: Brian (US), MrData[c2] (US), and Michael (US). Brian has submitted his Driver’s License and social media accounts; MrData has submitted personal Facebook, and Michael has submitted his LinkedIn. They have all submitted their personal email addresses as well as other personal information.

The WSX Team has experience in IT for over 22 years, C/C++ programming for 11 years, and project management with IT supporting well known companies in the US.

The WSX Team members has been involved in reviving coins as well as freelance coding for the following but not limited to: Moneta, Spots v2, Cryptographic Anomaly v2, CarpeDiemCoin, Unattainium, MysteryCoin, and Elacoin.

The WSX Team can be best contacted by their Twitter @WeAreSatoshi. There has been no in person contact with the WSX Team, but The WSX Team submitted a notarized document from a Public Notary from the State of Colorado as well as a video recording explaining about WSX to attain the 5/5 Plus+ rating. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of WeAreSatoshi [WSX] a rating of 5 Plus+ PODs has been given.

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