[UTIL] Utilitycoin

[UTIL] Utilitycoin

Utilitycoin UTIL

Mike US

State Driver's License, Facebook




Utilitycoin [UTIL] is lead by developer Mike (US). Mike has been face verified by his state driver’s license and his personal Facebook account. Mike has also submitted his personal email address, Google Plus, and Birth Certificate.

Mike states that he began programming BASIC in the 80s, learned C/C++, has authored quite a few emulators, written all sorts of various software including HTTP services, image and video processing utilities, and more. Mike states that he also has worked in IT and network administrator for 16 years, is very knowledgeable in Linux, Windows, and OSX, is fluent in C/C++, x86 assembly, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, and QuickBASIC.

Mike is the only developer that has access to the BitBucket repository. Mike has submitted verification via inputting requested code into the BitBucket repository as well as attaching a screenshot showing there are no other collaborators.

The best way to contact Mike is through the Bitcointalk: miker00lz. There has been no in person contact with Mike and no video submissions. Mike has submitted his birth certificate for third-party verification of identity. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Utilitycoin [UTIL] the rating of 5 PODs has been given.


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