[TRUST] Trustplus

[TRUST] Trustplus

Trustplus TRUST

Sergio & Travis US

Driver's License, Social Media, Other Sources




TrustPlus [TRUST] is lead by developers Travis (US) and Sergio (US). Both have submitted their State Driver’s License, and Social Media links for face verification. They have both also submitted their personal email addresses, phone numbers, and various other personal information.

Travis works as an IT Director and has a history in mining Crypto and describes himself better at pulling code than authoring it. Sergio has 18 years of coding history which includes, but not limited to the following: QBasic, TrueBasic, TurboPascal, W32ASM, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, Perl, Bash, CShell, Latex, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaSript, Visual Basic, and MATLAB.

Sergio also states that he additionally has have extensive parallel programming experience
using MPI, posixThreads, and OpenMP. Sergio states that his dissertation was written in C++ using a lot of MPI and other math libraries like LAPACK, FFTW, ScaLAPACK, PetSC, Chombo. In addition Sergio has experience with Mathematica, MAPLE, Maxima.

Sergio previous jobs included fulfilling the roles of Systems Architect, Programmer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, and Research Scientist for the STOKES Advanced Research Computing Center at a local University.

Both Travis and Sergio have access to the GitHub and have provided requested comments to verify. This is both of their first coin to develop, though Sergio has reviewed other codes of coins he has mined to ensure a valid development and deployment and have built all wallets from source.

The best way to contact Travis or Sergio is through the Bitcointalk mitchellmint. There has been no in person contact with Travis or Sergio, and no video submission or chat. Sergio has submitted verified documents from third-party sources that verify his identity. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the lead developers of Trustplus [TRUST] the rating of 5 PODs has been given.


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