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[SYS] Syscoin

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Driver's License, Passport, & Video Verification




Syscoin [SYS] is lead by a team of developers.  Most of their information can be found at syscoin.org.  For the Proof of Developer Analysis we received Driver’s License and/or Passports from the developers with write access as well as a notarized letter verifying the lead developer Dan’s identity.  Along with the above information the developers have shared their personal cell phone numbers, email addresses, facebooks, and other social networking outlets.  They have been face verified by their identifications as well as a Google Hangout done on August 12th

The Syscoin team has an extensive background in coding between them that includes various web languages, QT, and much more.  There are 4 guys on the team that have write access to the GitHub repository.  Attached in the analysis was a screenshot of Jonathan Heald logged into the GitHub repository.  These guys have worked with another coin called Kittehcoin. 

The best way to contact the Syscoin team is through their contact information on the syscoin.org website.  Each team member has their IRC contacts as well as social media contacts on the site. 

As stated above I have done a video conference through Google hangout with the developers on August 12th.  There has been no face-to-face contact but their was an emailed notarized document verifying Dan Wasyluk’s identity.  Along with their Driver’s License/Passports each developer has hand written a note with requested information.  With the above information along with other personal information that has been kept confidential about the developers of Syscoin [SYS] the following rating, which is the highest rating possible, of 5+ has been given.


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