[SSD] SonicScrewdriver

[SSD] SonicScrewdriver

SonicScrewdriver SSD

Russel Waters USA
No website

Driver's License, Facebook, & Google Plus




Updated 8/20 - Russel and I had a video chat to discuss the coin and talk about the future of SonicScrewDriver.  Also Russel chose to submit his birth certificate to upgrade the rating to a 5/5 Plus+.  


SonicScrewdriver [SSD] is lead by developer Russel Waters (USA).  Russel has been face verified by his Driver’s License, personal Facebook, and Google Plus account.  Russel has also submitted his personal cell phone number in which we have texted as well as his personal email address & personal Skype. 

Russel’s background in Crypto has been in multipools that were designed for Teslacoin, helped develop Stealthcoin, and has C++ and QT experience along with Python on projects based on the abe-block explorer. 

The best way to contact Russel is through IRC at argakiig or on Twitter at twitter.com/ argakiig. 

Russel is the only one with GitHub repository write access and attached a screenshot of SonicScrew logged in.  There has been no face-to-face contact with Russel as well as no video chat with Russel, only contact through email, text, and Skype messaging.  With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of SonicScrewdriver [SSD] the following rating of 4 PODs has been given.  


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