[SDC] ShadowCoin

[SDC] ShadowCoin

ShadowCoin SDC

Ryno South Africa

Picture Identity, Facebook, & LinkedIn




ShadowCoin [SDC] is lead by a developer named Ryno (South Africa). Ryno has been face verified by his South African picture identification, personal Facebook, and personal LinkedIn profiles. Ryno has also submitted his personal email, Google Plus, and personal cell phone number.

Ryno states that he has been doing full-time crypto development for a few months, but owns an IT company as well. Ryno also stated that he has 10 years of coding experience in many programming languages.

Ryno has worked with Cinnicoin. He has stated that he fixed their staking bug, as well as helping to write the encrypted messaging framework. Ryno is the only one with access to the GitHub repository and has attached a screenshot of being logged in.

Ryno has stated that he is known in IRC as both rynomster & sdcdev and that is the best way to contact him. Ryno and I have been in contact over email solely. There has been no face-to-face contact with Ryno and there has not been any video chatting. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of ShadowCoin [SDC] the following rating of 4 PODs has been given.

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  1. I just knew he was South African after hearing his accent in the CINNI youtube video ! Good to see there are some others in the crypto space from SA.

    Go bokke!




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