[QTL] Quatloo

[QTL] Quatloo

Quatloo QTL

Mark USA


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Quatloocoin [QTL] is lead solely by a dev named Mark (Pennsylvania USA). Mark has recently been made a friend on facebook as well as a friend on Google Plus. He has stated that he is the sole developer for Quatloo but that would most likely change and he will welcomes that.

Mark has been face verified on his Facebook and Google Plus accounts.

Mark’s background is mainly in Math and is very versed in various coding languages. He spent 2 years as a programmer and network administrator with a company called Saidcom.

Mark has a separate source of income from a software business and contracting for power plants and oil refineries with Quatloo being a part-time endeavor for him.

This is the only coin that Mark has created. The best way to contact him is through BCT threads with the username MarKusRomanus or through IRC MR_MarKus. He also runs the Quatloo Twitter: https://twitter.com/quatloocoin & Quatloo Facebook accounts https://www.facebook.com/quatloos.

Mark and I talked through the Quatloo IRC as well as Twitter before him sending me an email from his personal email account. There has been no face-to-face contact with Mark. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Quatloocoin [QTL] the following rating of 4 PODs is given below.

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