[QSLV] Quicksilvercoin

[QSLV] Quicksilvercoin

Quicksilver QSLV

Benjamin US

Facebook, Driver's License




Quicksilvercoin [QSLV] is lead by developer Benjamin Harrison (US). Benjamin has been face verified by his personal Facebook account and his state driver’s license. Benjamin has also submitted his Skype, personal email, and Twitter account.

Benjamin is a self-taught coder and is only part-time in Crypto during the evenings and nights. Benjamin also runs cryptocurrencyeditor.com as a writing and editing service to the community.

Benjamin is the only one that has GitHub access and has submitted requested code into the GitHub to be verified as well as sending a screenshot of the collaborators page to show no one else has access.

The best way to contact Benjamin is through the Twitter: @Sicarious_. There has been no in person contact with Benjamin, and no video submission. Benjamin has submitted a notarized identity verification. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Quicksilvercoin [QSLV] the rating of 5 PODs has been given.

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