Lead Developer

Pedro Alarcon (Spain)

Face Verification

Video Submission (November 19th), Driver’s License, and Photo

Website, Other Social Media, & IRC


Need a POD?

13 + 10 =

World Trade Funds [XWT] is lead by developer Pedro Alarcon (Spain). Pedro has been face verified by his Driver’s Licnese, Photo Submission holding the license, and Video Submission on November 19th. Pedro has also submitted his personal email address, address, and phone number.

Pedro is the only one that has access to the GitHub and all other developers that work with the coin submit the code to be reviewed before it is added. The main developer is Fernando from Greenbacks [GB] and has previously been reviewed under the previous Proof of Developer scale.

Pedro has submitted code into the GitHub for ownership verification as well as submitted a screenshot of the collaborators page to show there are no other persons that have write access.

The best way to contact Pedro is through the email: info@worldtradefunds.com. There has been no in person contact with Pedro. Pedro has submitted third party identity verification in the form of an official document from City Hall which also verified the address. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of World Trade Funds [XWT] the rating of 5/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.