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Sterlingcoin [SLG] is lead by developer Spencer Lievens. Spencer has been face verified by a video submission on November 7th, personal LinkedIn, and personal Facebook. Spencer has also submitted email addresses, phone number, personal Skype, and home address. Spencer’s home address was verified by multiple submissions of government and non-government mail in the video submission.

Spencer states that his background in IT and coding started in 1999 in the UK. Spencer states he has been involved with hardware, networking, website design, & coding with C++, Python, Perl, and JAVA. All IT skills has been taught from professionals within the trade. Spencer states that he got accepted to University twice in both Sussex University and De Montfort University for Computer Sciences but never attended as he was already in employment within the IT sector.

Sterlingcoin and Donationcoin are full-time work and Spencer has no other revenue except freelance crypto work for other coins and services. Spencer created W2Coin as a freelance job and has assisted various coins such as TrollCoin with updating their wallets and changing block rewards, SecuritySysCoin with wallet builds on Mac & Windows, and others.

Spencer is the only one that has GitHub & BitBucket write access and has submitted requested code in both BitBucket and GitHub for ownership verification. Spencer has also submitted a screenshot of the collaborators page to show no one else has access.

The best way to contact Spencer is through the Twitter identity: @spencerlievens. There has been no in person contact with Spencer. Spencer has submitted third party identity verification. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Sterlingcoin the rating of 5/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.