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Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc.

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HTMLcoin [HTML] or [/] is lead by developer Amando Boncales (US). The new HTMLcoin swap and organizational structure of 2017 aims to be the preferred cryptocurrency for business transactions and in various monetary communities of the world by tapping the potentials of blockchain technology and to provide the teeming technology users with a fast, reliable, and flexible medium of exchange. The mission is to provide the world with a cryptocurrency that reflects the universal value of humanity, thereby providing businesses, entrepreneurs & individuals with a fast and secure environment for the exchange of good and services.

The following is the HTMLcoin team:
Chief Executive Officer –  Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc
Senior Executive Liaison Officer – Arturo Morales, BA, Grad.Cert
Senior Executive Advisor – Melvin Petties, BS
Acting Senior Executive Program Officer (Spanish) – Marcelo Gutierrez BS, DRS.
Senior Executive Account Officer – Omar Jay Huet, BS. MS.
Executive Vice-President for Technology – Peter Bushnell, BS
Director of Technology Services – Kishor Sigdel, BS, MS
Associate Director of Technology Services – Veli Yasa, BS
Webmaster – Abed Alqader Swedan
Executive Vice-President for Educational Technology – Zachery Smith, BS, BA, (MS), FHF
Director of Publication – Rich Chambers, BA, Cert. MA
Manager for Instructional Design for Indonesia – Yusron Efendi, BSIT
Associate Executive Vice-President for Marketing – Julia Ezeji OND, HND
Acting Director of Social Media – Julia Ezeji OND, HND
Executive Vice-President for Business Development and Innovation – IIir Tahiri, BS, MS
Associate Vice-President for Business Development and Innovation (Brazil) – Marcio Gandra, BA
Associate Director of Business Development – Branimir Morfov, BSIT, FHF
Manager of Business Development for Colombia – Juan Bedoya
Project Coordinator for Colombia – Vanessa Ospina
Project Specialist for Colombia – Juan Carmona
Executive Vice-President for Investor and Community Development – Arjen Breedt, BA
Director of Community Development – Jhonnatan Oviedo Silva IPCH, MSAgB, MSFrP, MAgBio

Amando has been face verified by various online sources including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as University profile sites in which his doctorate is in process. Leandro has been face verified by his Brazilian identity, Facebook, Twitter, and submitted image. Both have submitted their email addresses, phone numbers, and personal Skype.

Amando is an instructional designer and is currently in a doctorate program for Instructional Technology. Leandro states that he has advanced coding experience in C++, MSSQL, is Microsoft licensed with Visual Studio, specialized on Unix systems, with experience in computer sciences in Brazil.

This is Amando’s first coin.Peter Bushnell is the developer of Feathercoin. The best way to contactis through the Twitter: @HTMLcoin, through their Facebook group (, or email ( There has been no in person contact, and no video submission or chat. Leandro has submitted two forms of documents from third party sources one in which comes verified from that REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developers of HTMLcoin [HTML5] or [/] the rating of 5 PODs has been given.