Lead Developer

Carlos Eduardo Wallauer (Brazil)

Face Verification

Video Submission (September 13th), Passport, & Driver’s License, Social Media

Third-Party Verification

Birth Certificate submitted on December 7th, 2014

Need a POD?

2 + 10 =

Geekkos [GEEK] is lead by developer Carlos Eduardo Wallauer (Brazil). Better known as Kadu he has been face verified by his Brazilian government identification, Brazil Passport, Online video recording, personal Facebook, and Twitter. Kadu has also submitted his personal LinkedIn, YouTube, email, full home address, photo submission of address verification, and personal email address.

Kadu is more experience at web-programming languages like PHP, HTML, javascript, etc, but does have experience in programming languages like VB, JAVA, C++ and Fortran. Kadu also has a design/web design company called “Esparta Design” (espartadesign.com/br).

This is the first coin that Kadu has worked on. Kadu will be the leader of this coin once it launches and will control the GitHub.

The best way to contact Kadu is through the Twitter: @crazy_crypto. There has been no in person contact with Kadu. Kadu has submitted third party notarized identity verification in the form of his birth certificate. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Geekkos [GEEK] the rating of 5/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.