David Zimbeck (Cambodia/US)

Third-Party Identity Verification

Submitted Birth Certificate

Face Verification

Various online videos, Conference Appearances, Passport

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This is a Proof of Developer Analysis of David Zimbeck (Cambodia/Los Angeles). David has been face verified by multiple online videos where he has spoken in Crypto related conferences. David has also submitted his Passport for face verification. David has also submitted his personal phone number, email address, and can be easily found on many of the social media websites.

Here is David’s comments on his background:

“I was always good with computers, ran a production company, run a lot of businesses was also a chess master growing up. As a kid I used to code in QBASIC. A language most people have forgotten. Then I did some C in high school and stopped until last year. I think chess and my experience researching on the internet and previous coding must have helped a lot because I picked it up almost instantly. I’m a self taught cryptographer, now I even understand machine code. I’ve learned Python last year and now can do almost anything in that language. I can read technical math papers and understand zero knowledge proofs and I also ran a course at Ohio State University where I had the students doing coding in C++ for computer vision. So I’m also familiar wiht OpenCV and projective geometry. It was my first time working as a project manager and we ran at least 5-6 successful experiments in motion capture and object recognition using light and color patterns. Most critically, I self taught myself Bitcoin and more than anything I’m intimately familiar with its protocols. I’m the first person ever to do smart contracting software and BitHalo was the first multicoin and multisignature/smart contracting client in the world released May 29th. It is still the only smart contracting program to date.”

The best way to contact David is through the email: davidzimbeck@gmail. There has been no in person contact with David. David has submitted third party identity verification in the form of a birth certificate.   With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about David Zimbeck a 5/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.