Lead Developer

Simon (UK) aka Majika

Face Verification

Video Submission (September 16th), Passport, & Driver’s License

Third-Party Verification

Notarized Identity Verification notarized on September 19th

Need a POD?

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Aerocoin [AERO] is lead by developer Simon (UK) aka Majika.  Majika has been face verified by his Passport, Driver’s License, and Video Chat on September 16th.  Majika has also submitted his Skype, personal emails, and mobile phone number.

Majika states that his background in coding steams from almost 20 years of academic studies and self-taught experience, as well as, on the job experience.  His formal qualifications include, (A-level) Media-Studies & (BTEC Nationals) ICT. (City & Guilds) English & Math, and Computer-Science.

Below is more of what Majika has stated about his coding experience:

  • I have a background in Object-orientated-programming (OOP)
  • I can code in almost any C-based language syntax both client and Server-side languages
  • I am proficient in the following scripting and programming: HTML/CSS/JS/ASP/PHP/Perl/Ruby/Python/C/C++/XCode/Delphi/Pascal/ASM
  • I am proficient in the JEDI (Delphi) Win32_API (.NET)
  • I have webdev and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) experience: Standards compliant HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, RESTFul API’s and AJAX
  • I have relational-Database-model (RDBM) development and also (ORM) programming experience:- Doctrine, Entity, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Mongo
  • I have experience with the following frameworks: Django, Mean.js, Express.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, jquery, Entity.
  • I Can code Mobile application developed for both Android/iOS
  • I can have design skills wireframes for rapid-prototyping via Fireworks/Photoshop
  • I have experience refactoring, managing and maintaining code.
  • I have a firm understanding of the OSI Model and the TCPIP Stack (IPv4/IPv6/UDP/NAT/Multicast/Routing/BGP/)
  • I am proficient in networking and interconnected devices.
  • I am increasing my understanding of various P2P protocols BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44.
  • I have a good understanding of various cryptographic mechanisms and implementation techniques.

Majika states that Crypto is a full-time endeavor.  Majika has also inserted requested text to verify ownership of GitHub.

The best way to contact Majika is through IRC identity majika or through Twitter @crypt0Trader.  There has been no in person contact with Majika.  Majika has submitted a notarized identity verification, which was notarized on September 19th.  With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the lead developer of Aerocoin [AERO] the rating of 5 Plus+ PODs has been given.