[MZC] Mazacoin

[MZC] Mazacoin

Mazacoin MZC

Tom and Robert US

Driver's License, Passport, Social Media

Owlhooter and guruvan



Mazacoin [MZC] is lead by developers Robert and Tom (US). Tom has been face verified by his state driver’s license and social media accounts. Robert has been face verified by his US Passport and his social media accounts. Both have submitted their personal emails, and phone numbers.

Tom has 14 years of experience from various college courses to personal work in C++, Basic, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, Perl, and works as in network management. Robert has experience in Systems Architect, managing developers and ops engineers, and has been building and modifying open source code since pre-1.0 linux kernels. Robert states that he has been involved in many projects that have required me to not only read and absorb code, APIs, protocols, but also networks, hardware, and organizational structures to develop large scale systems. Also, he has significant experience with large-scale distributed systems, telecommunications, and internetworking.

Robert states that Since his introduction to Bitcoin, he has been very hands-on in with pool & miner code, as well as coin code. He states that he is well versed in low-level protocols, and cryptocoin protocols are no exception, as well as actively modifying pool, block explorer, and coin daemon code. It is because of my involvement with mazacoin that I've opened my github account.

Tom and Robert have submitted verification of GitHub ownership through inputting requested code, as well as sending screenshots of the GitHub. They are the only two that have GitHub access also.

The best way to contact Tom is through IRC Identity: Owlhooter, and the best way to contact Robert is through IRC Identity: guruvan. There has been no in person contact, no video submission or chat, and no notarized documents submitted. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developers of Mazacoin [MZC] the rating of 4 PODs has been given.

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