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[HTML5] HTMLcoin


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HTMLcoin [HTML5] or [/] is lead by developer Amando (US) and programmer Leandro Machado (Brazil). Amando has been face verified by various online sources including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as University profile sites in which his doctorate is in process. Leandro has been face verified by his Brazilian identity, Facebook, Twitter, and submitted image. Both have submitted their email addresses, phone numbers, and personal Skype.

Amando is an instructional designer and is currently in a doctorate program for Instructional Technology. Leandro states that he has advanced coding experience in C++, MSSQL, is Microsoft licensed with Visual Studio, specialized on Unix systems, with experience in computer sciences in Brazil.

This is Amando’s first coin. Leandro is the owner of Nimbus, has made some improvements on code of some coins and states that he is "scam buster" or "scam sniffer" on Bitcointalk forum. Amando and Leandro are the only developers that have access to the GitHub.

The best way to contact Amando and Leandro is through the Twitter: @HTMLcoin. There has been no in person contact, and no video submission or chat. Leandro has submitted two forms of documents from third party sources one in which comes verified from that REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developers of HTMLcoin [HTML5] or [/] the rating of 5 PODs has been given.


  1. This is great news for HTML5 coin. Thanks Crypto Asian for all of your hard work in the crypto arena. We’ve been keeping an eye on HTMLCOIN and its development over the past few months and are glad to see the transition to HTML5 going smoothly and the community growing.

  2. I’m very excited about the launch of HTML5 and the great team that supports it. Fully confident in its success… Launching on multiple exchanges is just the beginning. It is good to see positive feedback from others in the coin community, thank you!!

  3. The HTML5 team invites you see what HTMLcoin is all about. As a multicultural team of like-minded individuals we understand that everyone has a different view. We support a plethora of causes, and believe that through kindness the world can be improved. No one knows what the future may hold, but we can progress with our heads held high- Supporting the people that support us!

    Best wishes to all from the HTMLcoin team.



    Follow me on Twitter@WhyWeTrance

  4. We want to say congrats! to HTML5 and the community for a fantastic launch and all the hard work and efforts. HTML5 is by far one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies we have had a chance to get to know and have witnessed the challenges HTML5 and community have had to struggle with to keep this coin alive and kicking… HTML5 in our opinion is going to be around for a long time to come and we look forward to a bright future for HTML5…

  5. Congratulations Amando!!!!

    You have really worked hard to get this far. This 5 POD Rating might not seem like much to some people that have no clue regarding the nuts and bolts of the CryptoCurrency Industry but those of us that have been in the mix whether it for reasons regarding scientific research like myself or charity, education and global awareness which is how I view your mission or even those that are in it for profit which is not always a bad thing, we all know the value of a POD rating by Chris Taylor the ‘CryptoAsian’.

    Thank you Chris Taylor for bringing integrity to an industry that very desperately in need of someone like yourself with morals and a great understanding of what is right and what is wrong and for having the wisdom, strength and courage to express your expert opinion that you base on facts when making your final decisions on a POD Rating. The Crypto Community is behind you!!!



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