[GNS] Gnosis

[GNS] Gnosis


Sevith US

Driver's License, Facebook




Gnosis [GNS] is lead by developer Sevith (US). Sevith has been face verified by his Driver’s License and personal Facebook account. Sevith has also submitted his personal Twitter, personal Skype, and personal email address. Sevith and I have also conversed via text message.

Sevith stated that he has been coding for about 10 years, and started with PHP and moved into C, eventually C++, C# and python, java as well as a little bash and batch. Sevith states that he has in most of the well-known languages, and recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer and Network Security.

Sevith has not created any other Crypto Currencies. Sevith is also the only person that has GitHub access to the repository. Sevith has submitted a screenshot of GnosisDev logged into the GitHub.

The best way to contact Sevith is through IRC identity Sevith. There has been no in person contact with Sevith, no video submission or chat, and no third-party notarized documents submitted. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the lead developer of Gnosis [GNS] the rating of 4 PODs has been given.

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