[FTC] Feathercoin

[FTC] Feathercoin

Feathercoin FTC

Peter Bushnell UK

Online Video, Passport, Social Media




Feathercoin [FTC] is lead by developer Peter Bushnell (UK). Peter has been face verified by his Passport, personal Facebook, Twitter, and online videos concerning Feathercoin. Peter has also submitted his personal Skype, phone number, and personal email address.

Peter states that his coding experience includes BASIC on my Spectrum to Java and C++ on Mac, Windows and Linux. Proficient in PHP and Javascript. Currently doing a degree in computing that is focused on Java EE as its choice of language for all projects. Peter is currently full-time in Crypto doing freelance work.

Peter has submitted requested code into the GitHub to be verified of ownership and has submitted a screenshot of the collaborators page to show he is the only one with access.

The best way to contact Peter is through the Skype: peter.bushnell. There has been no in person contact with Peter. Spencer has submitted third party identity verification in the form of his birth certificate. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of Feathercoin the rating of 5/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.

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