Proof of Developer FAQ


The new Proof of Developer Whitepaper can be found here: Proof of Developer Whitepaper

Introductory Statement: The Proof of Developer program was started on July 29th, 2014 and was formed to help the Crypto Community connect the coin developments to the developers.

Mission Statement: Proof of Developer is made to help build the community closer together with trustworthy developers as well as give traders and investors a better sense of surety.

Vision Statement: The Proof of Developer Analysis is not designed to post a developer(s) personal information online but to communicate with them in a professional manner giving them an opportunity to give myself proof of who they are, the past they have in Crypto, and also a number of other questions that helps me rate them.

Every analysis is different depending on what is already known about the developer(s).  Some of the basic questions that are normally asked are related to their name, address, education history, and Crypto history.  Below you can find information on each rating.  I believe this is the fairest I can be as well as give opportunity to developers that really want a good rating to be able to gain that status.

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