[ERM] Emris

[ERM] Emris

Ermis ERM

ERM Development Team

State Driver's License, Social Media





Ermis [ERM] is lead by a development team is made up of the following seven people.

Edwin Pragacha (Philippines) Lionheart78 has been face verified by his Passport and personal Facebook account.  Edwin has also submitted his personal phone number, personal email, and Skype.  Edwin is in charge of the Market Planning and Development of Ermis.  The best way to contact Edwin is through IRC identity Lionheart78.

Brian Gaudinier (US) KingArbinV has been face verified by his personal Facebook account.  Brian has also submitted his personal Skype, personal phone number, and email address.  Brian has basic knowledge of C, C++.  Brian also works with Coin2 as a board member and currently is the web developer and games manager but does not have access to the GitHub.

Chad (US) has not been face verified.  Chad is part of the developer team for Coin2, and will be working on the game developing and promotions for Ermis.  Chad does not have access to the GitHub

Joseph Riel (Philippines) dearbesz has not been face verified.  Joseph has submitted his phone number and personal email address.  Joseph will be helping with promotions of Ermis.  Joseph does not have access to the GitHub

Wakhid Adnan (Indonesia) wakhidnkcom has been face verified by his government identification, and personal facebook account.  Wakhid has also submitted his Skype personal phone number, and personal email address.  Wakhid has PHP coding experience and will be working as a promoter for Ermis.  Wakhid does not have GitHub access.

Nelson Valero (Australia) n3lz0n has been face verified by his driver’s license, personal facebook, and business staff website.  Nelson has background in PHP, HTML, and Java.  Nelson has worked with Coin2 and serves as an advisor and helps with funding.

Joe (US) jlbtc9 has been face verified by his state driver’s license and has submitted a personal phone number, Twitter, and personal email address.  Joe states he usually used the C language, and recently have been using Wolfram Mathematica in work and also mainly working with Fortran programming.

Nelson and Joe are the only developers with write access to the GitHub.

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