[DOPE] DopeCoin

[DOPE] DopeCoin

DopeCoin [DOPE] is lead by developer Jyri Hovila (Finland). Jyri has been face verified by a photo submission holding his Passport, personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ profiles, pictures from IRC-galleria and video submission on November 1st. Jyri has also submitted his phone numbers, Skype, and personal email addresses.

Jyri has been doing programming since the 1980s starting with Vic-20, but states that most of his experience is in the area of system design, security, PR, and business strategies. Jyri has worked with other coins but has not released his own.

Jyri is the only developer that has access to the GitHub and has inserted requested code to verify ownership. Jyri has also submitted a screenshot of the collaborators page to show he has access

The best way to contact Jyri is through the website: www.dopecoin.com. There has been no in person contact with Jyri, and no third-party verification of identity. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of DopeCoin [DOPE] the rating of 4/5 Plus+ PODs has been given.


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