[DOGEBC] DogeBlackCoin & [PPCD] PeerCoinDark

[DOGEBC] DogeBlackCoin & [PPCD] PeerCoinDark


Piotr Wielgus

Requested Face Verification




DogeBlackCoin [DOGEBC] & PeerCoinDark [PPCD] are coins that are lead by Piotr Wielgus (Poland). Piotr has been face verified by his Government ID, photo submittion, and personal Facebook. Piotr has also submitted his phone number, address, and personal email address.

Piotr states that he is a Technician in the Information Technologies field.

Piotr is the only one that has access to the GitHub and has submitted requested code into the GitHub to verify ownership.

The best way to contact Piotr is through the Bitcointalk identity: dogebc. There has been no in person contact with Piotr, no video submission, and no third-party identity verification documents submitted. With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of DogeBlackCoin [DOGEBC] & PeerCoinDark [PPCD] the rating of 4/5 PODs has been given.

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