[CHASH] Cleverhash

[CHASH] Cleverhash

Cleverhash CHASH


Verification from Boomcoin POD




Cleverhash [CHASH] is lead by the developers of Boomcoin.  Their Proof of Developer Analysis can be found here: cryptoasian.com/boom-boomcoin

Cleverhash is a coin of value toward their upcoming X11, X13, & X15 ASIC miners.  For each coin that is owned, that coin equals to $1 toward one of the miners that Cleverhash will sell.  Bittrex is currently (as of October 29th) selling the coins at a price of $0.50/each.  Price was made via the Bitcoin equivalent on October 24 at 12pm Pacific.

The Cleverhash miners will be consumer owned and operated.  The current timeline for shipping is a little over a year.  Each miner will have another internal chip called a cloud chip.  If turned on it will be pointed toward the cloud software run by Cleverhash and can be used to mine or the customer can put the hashrate up for rent.  Cleverhash will be charging a  1% fee for this service.  The specs on each miner can be found on the Cleverhash website.

A limited number of miners will be available for purchase either by BTC, USD, or CHASH.

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