[CANN] CannabisCoin

[CANN] CannabisCoin

CannabisCoin CANN



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Updated 9/23: Ty has submitted a public video for Plus verification: http://youtu.be/FhF7iJ-0c0I

CannabisCoin [CANN] is lead by a developer named Ty (Arizona USA).  Ty has been face verified through various means as well as, but not limited to, personal Facebook and LinkedIn.  Ty is the only person with direct access to the GitHub source code.  Ty has also provided me with his personal cell phone number as well as his personal email address that I will be keeping confidential as it is related to other endeavors that help fund the coin.

Ty’s experience is diverse in coding and he is focused on CannabisCoin full-time.

This is also the only coin that Ty has created.  The best way to contact Ty is through IRC at DeltaNine, the CannabisCoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/CannabisCoins, or Skype him at Cannabis.Coin.

Ty also attached two interview articles in our discussions:



Ty and I have discussed mainly through email discussions.  He has also given some great insight on what he desires to see from the Proof of Developer analysis program.  There has been no face-to-face contact with Ty, but we have discusses briefly meeting in Las Vegas when I visit family and he has also mentioned meeting up with my family if I desired.  With the above information along with other personal information that I have gathered about the developer of CannabisCoin [CANN] the following rating of 5+ PODs is given below.

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