[BLKT] BlackToken

[BLKT] BlackToken

BlackToken BLKT

Marat USA

Driver's License, Google+, & Video Verification




BlackToken [BLKT] is lead by a developer named Marat Arguinbaev (USA). Marat has been face verified by his State Driver’s License, his Google Plus, and via Google Hangout video chat. Marat has also submitted his personal email address and personal cell phone number.

Marat is a 4th year computer science student and has been involved in Crypto since 2012. This is not the first coin that Marat has led. The other coins that Marat has developed was IncogCoin and DarkCash. Marat has stated that IncogCoin has been taken over by the community. Marat stated that DarkCash grew quickly and he was not able to supply the needs for that coin.

Marat has expressed that he has a passion in developing a worthy crypto-currency and has big dreams for BlackToken and plans to stick with it just like a captain sticks with his ship. In the video chat Marat expressed that a lot of the ideas he had with DarkCash will be implemented in time with BlackToken. Marat also allowed me to preview the mixer for BlackToken. Marat also has a Bitcoin news website btcfeed.net.

Marat is the only one that has write access to the GitHub repository and has attached a screenshot of mk21860 logged in. Marat can be contacted best through IRC BlackToken or through Twitter @btc_feed. Marat and I have video-chatted over Google Hangout on August 14th. There has been no face-to-face contact with Marat. With the above information along with other personal information that has been kept confidential about the developer of BlackToken [BLKT] the following rating of 4+ has been given.

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